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Unlock Your Full Potential: Online VIP Coaching

Online VIP Coaching

Premium Package

  • $500- weekly
  • $1500- monthly
  • $3500- 3 Months


Recommended Package

  • $350- weekly 
  • $1000- monthly
  • $2500- 3 months


Basic Package 

  • $200- weekly
  • $600- monthly
  • $1500- 3 months


Nutrition Consulting

  • $100- weekly 
  • $400- monthly
  • $1000- 3 months


Discover motivational, inspiring, and transformational coaching exercises to expand your mind, body & give you tools to take control of your life.

Life and Fitness Mentorship - The Total Life Transformation

What's Included?

Get Personalized Life Coaching to Achieve your Goals and Transform your Life

I can assist you in overcoming your past, transforming yourself into what you need to be to achieve your goals, and utilizing all of your experiences and skills, along with a newly developed plan of action, to help you thrive. My life coaching services are available at a rate of $4000 per month or $36,000 per year. If you are interested in life coaching sessions only, the rate is $3000 per month or $24,000 per year.

*All of our coaching sessions are virtual. If you prefer in-person sessions, an additional fee will apply. J Dot Fitness works with clients from all around the world!

Our monthly services provide the best value and can be split into two payments each month for your convenience. These services are based on your individual needs and can be adjusted as necessary on a monthly basis. In addition, our monthly services come with Nutritional Guidelines and a personalized fitness action plan to support your overall wellbeing. We understand that last-minute cancellations may occur, and with a monthly subscription, you will have the benefit of having two of your missed sessions rollover to be used at a scheduled time outside of our normal session times.


We never want money to be a reason we can’t serve you. We can always work together to find a rate that works best for you and is fair to the business.
Let’s Get After It, the best version of you is tired of waiting!!
Program help you

Transform Your Life and Embrace a Holistic Approach with our Personalized Coaching Services"


Coaching for depression

Our coaching services are designed to provide support and guidance for individuals experiencing depression. We use evidence-based techniques to help you overcome challenges and improve your mental health

Finding Purpose

Are you feeling lost or unsure of your direction in life? Our coaching for finding purpose will guide you toward discovering your passions and creating a fulfilling life path

Think Holistic

Our "Think Holistic" coaching helps you to explore all aspects of your life and discover a balanced approach towards health and happiness. We use a holistic approach to address physical, emotional, and mental well-being for a more fulfilling life.

Professional Healing

Unlock your full potential with our professional healing services. Let our experienced coaches guide you through the process of healing and growth to achieve your goals and live your best life.
  • Work Together

    Transform Your Life with Our Coaching Services

    Our professional coaching services will help you overcome challenges, find purpose, and achieve your goals. Join us to transform your life today

  • Focus Achievement

    Unlock Your Potential with Personalized Coaching

    Our holistic approach to coaching will help you unlock your potential and live your best life. Discover your purpose, heal, and thrive with us.

  • Start training

    Discover Happiness and Fulfillment with Our Coaching

    Our coaching services help you find happiness, fulfillment, and meaning in life. Let us guide you on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

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