6 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

6 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

Successful leaders do one thing better than most. They are constantly asking themselves questions to stay relevant and insightful. 

Whether you’re running a company, launching a startup, or leading a team, asking yourself these questions on a daily basis will help you get the most out of your work and leadership, which in turn will make a big difference in your success.  


  1. What Bad Habits Do I Need to Stop? 


Your bad habits- and we all have them in some form, may be damaging your business and credibility. Put the time and effort into overcoming these negative habits and forming them into positive ones. 


   2. Did I Work Towards My Goals Today?


Successful leaders understand the power of setting goals when it comes to long-term vision and short-term motivation. Focusing on your goals daily allows you to align your attention, organize your actions and make the most of your ambitions daily. 


   3. Have I Been The Kind of Person I Want to Be?


Character rules. Remember that you’re not born with the qualities that make up your character, but these qualities form based on your life experiences and how you handle adversity through the good & bad moments. Monitor your responsibility and reactions to specific events to develop the character that you would like to have. 


   4. What Motivated Me Today? 


Motivation is the force that keeps you pushing forward. Remember not to rely on motivation but focus on building the habit of discipline. On days where you feel no motivation, discipline will keep you going. This will instill a daily drive in you to achieve, produce, and develop. Pay attention to the things that feed your personal motivation. 


   5. What Mistakes Did I Make Today, and What Can I Learn From Them?


We all experience failures and mistakes; it’s how you respond to them that makes a difference. You can choose to dwell on your failures or recognize it as an incredible learning experience. Remember in times of adversity is when your true character is revealed. 


   6. What Am I Grateful For Today? 


There will always be good and bad days, good luck & bad luck, days where you feel motivated and others where you don’t want to get out of bed. Through it all, gratitude remains amongst the most powerful tools you have access to. It reminds you of what really matters and is important to you, ultimately, it keeps you level-headed and focused on what matters most. 



Tip: If you’d like to see a shift in positivity in your business and leadership, make a daily habit of asking yourself the right questions- because it is the right questions that lead us to the right answers.

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Juan Gascue

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